Forum Title: Dog threw up on floor last night - left an issue. Repair?
Hi, My dog tossed her cookies on the living room floor last night. (Not a great deal - but obviously enough.) I cleaned it up right away - but this morning I notice that one of the seams in the area is damaged. It isn't bubbled (even though on first glance it looks that way) but rather it's buckled at the seam making a bump. It's about 4 inches long and an inch wide. It's in an area where it is very apparently as well - so no hiding it. I had a few ideas on repairing it - and I hope it can be done. I'm also hoping someone here can guide me on what I can do - and if my idea(s) will work. I was thinking as this is a fresh moisture issue - maybe I stand a chance at repair? 1) My idea: Place towel down and put a cinder block over it. (I do have a very heavy cement block I'll gladly drag into the house.) Checking the towel periodically and replacing towel if needed. Leave the block there for a few days? Thoughts? Does this have a chance of working? 2) The other idea (from a friend) Poke holes it in and take a hot iron across it. (With a thin towel between naturally.) Then put a towel down and place the Cinder block on it as above. Other ideas? Any help would be welcomed. Stephanie PS - this laminate is thicker than normal and also has a built in under-pad.
Category: Flooring Post By: CHRISTINE CAMPBELL (Bellevue, NE), 02/22/2019

Stephanie, if it were hardwood # 1 woluld work and has for my clients along with putting a fan on it. Being this is laminate with a hdf or mdf core all you can do is try and put a fan on it hoping it will go back down. Luckily laminate repairs (plank replacement) are not so bad if you have extra laminate.

- EMILY BARNES (Erie, PA), 04/25/2019

Hi Ernesto, Thank you for taking time to reply. I did save a fair bit of the laminate. I bought extra as I knew at some point there would probably be an issue as I understood laminates hate water. (Life happens - accidents happen. I just wasn't expecting to make the repair call so soon. It's only been down a year.) I was afraid that was going to be the answer as it's only been down a year and I've already had a few issues on edges where it was installed. Not a big deal though as they weren't in predominate spots. Sadly this one is. This is actually really nice laminate - thicker and scratch proof for the dog. It's not grove proof though - which was something I tested out before hand. You certainly can grove it if you aren't careful. I'll see how it goes with the fan - but - it feels really dry so I'm thinking I'll be ending up making the repair call. Thanks again. I appreciate it. Stephanie

- KYLE MUNOZ (Coon Rapids, MN), 04/28/2019

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