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Hi, new to this forum and new to laminate flooring. I have vinyl in my kitchen and want to do laminate in there. Kitchen floor is higher than floor in next room which is hardwood. I am trying to decide on ripping up the vinyl or going over it. There are two layers of vinyl now with lauan under the 1st vinyl floor. Vinyl is glued down through the entire floor. I plan on stopping in at lumber liquidators next week to get some samples and see if they have a transition strip to accomodate the height difference. Thanks for any help.
Category: Flooring Post By: FRANKLIN PARKS (Brooklyn Park, MN), 02/21/2019

my suggestion to you would be to remove a layer of plywood and vinyl together---this would leave you approx. where you are now ---ripping up subfloor is easier than it sounds---no glue to deal with---taking up the transition in the doorway will give you an access point--a hammer and a chisel get you started and then two crowbars let you walk under the sheet----then depending on the quality of the subfloor and the type of fasteners you might be able to pry up entire sheets---not to minimize the dangers ---protect the parts of you that you are fond of---scratches splinters and flying hunks of wood and vinyl are what you have to look forward to--but this is easier than just trying to rip up the top layer of vinyl where you get to deal with glue

- MARCUS WEBER (Upland, CA), 04/08/2019

Sounds like a good plan but I am thinking that the lauan might have covered some old aesbestos tiles. The house was built in 1948 and there may be layers under there. I may pull the wood trim piece and inspect the layers closely before starting the project.

- CHRISTINE CAMPBELL (Missoula, MT), 05/07/2019

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